Natural High Tree Service, LLC

Family Owned & Operated Since 2013

Equipment: A Key to Success

Safety is important to us! Our crew wear hardhats with communication mics installed. In addition, ear protection is worn to cancel noise and preserve hearing. Lastly, our crew is equipped with safety goggles to protect their eyes from stray debris or any other particles that could damage their eyes.

Safety for our crew isn’t our only concern. Safety for your homes, your property, and your families is paramount to us! We use a Mini Skid Steer with a claw, a bucket, and a stump grinder as required; which offers low impact traction to prevent destruction to your yard and/or property. We also utilize the bucket truck for elevated heights when accessibility allows. In cases where accessibility is more limited, we utilize the Arborist 72′ Tract Lift to reach elevated heights also offering a low impact footprint.

Dingo Mini Skid Steer
The Arborist extends up to 72′ high and has a 4-leg platform with expanded footings

What makes Natural High Tree Service stand above the rest is our crew! They are knowledgable about the equipment we utilize, trained in the techniques needed to provide a safe environment, and have a desire to help our customers.