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16241_1058796605642_6488132_nIMAG0246Hello again, today I’d like to talk about the topic of tree removal versus trimming or topping. First of all tree removal should be a decision made after much thought. Why are you contemplating removing one of these necessary allies of humans? Trees do so much for us in ways we tend to take for granted, first, they convert our exhaled air into good filtered oxygen. This alone should be reason enough for us to care most thoughtfully for our trees. We depend on trees for so many of our daily activities, not the least of is major league baseball, using the wood of the white ash. Other daily uses of wood include chairs, tables, pool sticks, cabinets, floors, the list is endless.

Why do you want to remove the tree? There are a few reasons that warrent complete removal. Top of the list would be dangerous situations like dead branches that may injure either property or people. I notice this situation being ignored much too often. Very dangerous dead wood hanging perilously from the dead tops of trees is a much too common sight. When approaching a resident about helping them remove the danger, I’m met often times with a look of, “you are just trying to make a quick buck”, when they should be willing and actively seeking help to make their property more safe. The last couple of dry years here in Indianapolis have seriously taken their tolls on our urban forest. Get out and inspect your trees, and if you don’t know what you are looking at, call a professional. The true professional will be willing and desirous of helping you spot and cure any problems.

Second reason for tree removal would be a tree that is just too big for the space in which it lives. This may be due to new structures having been built, having been planted too close to structures, roots that thru time, are now destroying walkways, foundations, roofs, etc. When a client asks for topping of a tree, my first question is why? Usually the client has decided that the tree is just too big, and is afraid that the taller a tree gets, the more dangerous it becomes. Truly the opposite may be said of a solid, healthy tree. Different species of trees have genetics like we do that will determine shape, age, and size. It will never grow larger than its species allows. If the tree is too big, remove it and replace it with a tree of smaller demensions, that more properly fits the area where you plant it.

The third reason would be health, or condition of the tree and its ability to provide nourishment all the way to the top of its crown. Like the ash tree of late, it may be an insect problem, the EAB(EMERALD ASH BORER), termites, ants or a number of little critters that have decided to make the tree home. Be aware of treatments, many of which may harm your tree, or are being administered too late when in fact, the tree is already dieing. Virus is another culprit of poor tree health, as is fungus, and one I’ve noticed as of late, climbing vines. Theses sneaky, almost beautiful plants are deadly. In some dead trees, the vineage covers the skeleton in such a way as to leave the tree almost alive looking.

Appearance may be the other reason for choosing to remove a tree. Location may be considered an aspect of appearance. An example would be a tree that is planted squarely in front of the entrance to an office. It would leave the building Lifeless, faceless and therefore downgrading the value and change the approachability of the office.

In many cases trimming or pruning is a great alternative to tree removal. With the removal of dead wood, trees may regain strength and fill in over the following two or three seasons. Pruning whil the rree is young may be the best solution. Find an arborist you are comfortable with and partner with them to keep your trees and shrubs growing in a way that will keep your property and trees looking and feeling great. I swear I’ve heard trees whispering, THANK YOU, to me while trimming them. It makes me feel great and satisfied to clean up and prune a tree, leaving it knowing how to grow. We have the ability to train our trees if we begin early enough. Start now!


Indianapolis is full of very large, old mature trees, and among those incredible trees are many that have degraded both in health and agreeability to their place of inhabitance. Sometimes the best option really is to cut down a tree due to one or more of these reasons. When doing so, find a professional like our arborists to assist you in removing that tree in a professional, careful way so as to impact your property in the most friendly way.

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