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Brush Chipping / Mulching


Chipped brush

Such a small pile of chips, the client was surprised.

Brush pile

This is what I arrived to, just an average to small pile in my opinion>                                              Upon arrival to client’s home, I found the small pile to the left. The client had expressed concern that I would be charging much more due to the size and therefore time required to chip it. My estimation based on his description of the pile and mulberry tree from which it was cut, we would spend about 30 minutes, with a price of 60 dollars. What a deal. He asked that chips be dumped on the property, what great joy for me. 

Brush chipping is a great way to convert  a large pile of branches or brush into a mulch like pile or load. In doing so, we are able to utilize the mulch for other areas of our yards, to beautify or enhance landscaping, or simply to take up less space during transport of debris. I truly enjoy the process of chipping branches and in some cases, complete trees, depending on the size of the chipper being used.

Tree removal almost always includes some chipping as large quantities of smaller branches need to be hauled. Tree trimming leaves only smaller branches needing disposal of some form. Owning a chipper truck, an enclosed dump box equipped truck, has changed my life drastically. Previously, unloading the trailer or truck by hand had become so dreadful, it seemed that I repelled tree work so that we would not have to unload. Now, unloading takes the push of a button, how sweet.

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