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I’m showing off the rope Mark gave me as an unselfish gift, thank you Mark. Thank you to all those who give of themselves, you will not go unnoticed or appreciated.

After having had the opportunity to serve so many people and work with many others, I must say that I love this business.  What a blessing it is to not only be beautifying the world by tending to nature, but also the joy that I get from truly helping people. Many times we take for granted the people around us, especially family, fellow workers and oft times clients. Our goal as a company and service organization is to focus on the needs of the people. Sometimes the needs are business related, other times not. With skills, talents and blessings, I feel we have a duty to share those gifts with others in a way that all are built up.  This week was one of those times when I began to focus on my self a bit too much. The minute my focus changed to who can we help, doors began to open for other opportunities. I may have found a couple of key people who can help build our company. Not what I was expecting as we installed a new kitchen faucet for someone who was not financially prepared tochane out a leaky, destructive faucet.

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend the Indiana Arborist Association’s annual fund raising golf tourney. I met some incredible people there, and may have made a couple long term friends. One man in particular gave me a gift in a way that almost left me in tears of gratitude. They held a raffle and a man named Mark won a new climbing rope, one with a sewn eye, for attaching the rope to gear without a knot. I have been wanting one since I started climbing trees. I asked Mark if he wanted to sell the rope and he kind of shrugged his shoulders. Afterwards, I went looking for him and found the rope sitting on the seat where he had been. As I stood there drueling on the rope, Mark asked me if I was serious about buying the rope. I said I was, and hr then asked who I worked for. After telling him about our little company and that we had just gotten started he looked the rope over and handed it to me saying, “happy getting started.” I just about died, not believing what just happened. I asked if he was serious, he ssaid yes, and I almost hugged him. Just an example to show that there are great generous people out there still.

That rope and the feelings I have, will carry me forward in the search to help and serve others as we go forward. Tree removal and tree trimming are fields of work in which you would not expect to have people be the greatest part.  I have found differently, people make the business. After being paid by a client, she remarked that it is worth a lot to have someone looking out for your best interests. That is called value, unseen value, to know that your best interests are held in highest regards when doing business with others. Do what is right, let the consequence follow.

Have a wonderful day,  give someone a smile and you will see sunshine everywhere,

Feeling down, climb a tree!


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